Good Scientific Practice

Careful scientific practice in terms of the scientific methods used at Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin (KWB) and the documentation of scientific data is the basis for the confidence our research partners and the public have in our work. For this reaseon, scientific integrity and the observance of the principles of good scientific practice are indispensable prerequisites for our scientific activities. Against this background, the Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin welcomes the recommendations the German Research Foundation (DFG) has published in its memorandum “Proposals for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice“. The principles of our scientific work are documented in our own “Guidelines for good scientific practice and how to deal with allegations of scientific misconduct”.

The management of the KWB has named the following ombudspersons as the contact point for any disagreements, suspicions and disputes:

  • Dr. Andreas Matzinger, Research Assistant “Urban Systems“ unit
  • Dr. Christian Remy, Research Assistant “Process Innovation“ unit (substitute)