Research Projects

  • Monitoring of Combined Sewer Overflows (MONITOR)

    Supporting the integrated water resources management in urban areas

    Increasingly, in urban water resource management the consideration of stormwater impacts on water resources gains in importance. Among stormwater discharges the impact from combined sewer overflows (CSO) plays a prominent role. The dynamic character of the discharge events lead to particular stress on the water bodies. The project MONITOR-1 covers the preparation of a concept for combined sewer overflow (CSO) monitoring in Berlin. The monitoring itself shall be conducted from…

  • Operation and Maintenance of Drinking Water Wells – Phase 1 (WELLMA-1)

    Optimisation of performance and water quality

    The capacity of drinking water wells, that is the yield for a given drawdown,…

  • Natural Buffer Zones for the Protection of Drinking Water Resources (AQUISAFE-1)

    Mitigation of contaminants in rural and semi-rural environments to protect drinking water resources

    If surface water (from streams,…

  • Development Potential of Toxic Nostocale Cyanobacteria in the Process of Reducing Trophication and Global Warming (NOSTOTOX)

    Developing recommendations for water management as well as decision aids for risk assessment in water supply

  • Removal of Pharmaceutical Residues from Hospital Wastewater (PharmaTreat)

    Treatment of urine with zero-valent iron to minimise the aquatic pollution with compounds emitted by hospitals

    There is a big concern about…

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